Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) applies to all personal data that OOO “Vesyoly Shmel” (Limited liability company) and/or its affiliates and partners (hereinafter referred to as VSh) may receive about a User while he is using the web sites, social media accounts, services, programs, products, mobile applications owned by VSh (hereinafter referred to as the Services, VSh Services). This Privacy Policy also covers agreements and contacts between VSh and Users.

To agree with the terms of this Policy, a User needs to fill in an appropriate form during registration at VSh services. Accepting the terms of this Policy, a User gives his consent for collecting, processing, dissemination, provision of his personal data by VSh and/or its affiliates and partners. The consent with the terms can be withdrawn by a User. To withdraw the consent a User can change the settings in his account or send an email with a relevant inquiry to the VSh email address:

If a User doesn’t agree with the terms of the Policy, he shouldn’t use the VSh platforms and its services.

      1. User’s personal information processed by VSh

1.1. As part of this Policy, User’s personal information includes: 

1.1.1. Information that is provided by a User on his own during the registration or when he is using the VSh Services, including User’s personal details determined by the existing legislation. To ensure the full use of the Services, agreement and contract conclusion and provision of services, VSh specifies some information as obligatory to provide. Such information is marked in a special way. As for other information, it’s at the User discretion to provide it or not.

1.1.2. Other information about Users the processing of which is presupposed by the terms of use of certain VSh Services.

1.2. This Policy applies only to the information that is processed during the use of the VSh services. VSh does not control and bear responsibility for the processing of information by third-party web sites that can be visited by a User following the links available on the VSh web sites including search results.

1.3. VSh does not verify the accuracy of the personal information provided by a User and does not have a possibility to assess his capacity. Nevertheless, VSh assumes that a User provides accurate and full personal information and keeps this information up to date. 

      2. Purposes of processing personal information

2.1. VSh shall process User’s personal information solely for the purposes mentioned below:

2.1.1. User identification in the framework of the Services provision and execution of agreements and contracts with VSh; 

2.1.2. Provision of customized Services to a User and execution of agreements and contracts;

2.1.3. Communication with a User, including sending of notifications, inquiries and information related to the use of Services, execution of agreements and contracts, processing of User’s inquiries and applications;

2.1.4. Enhancing of client experience and development of new Services;

2.1.5. Advertising targeting;

2.1.6. Carrying out of statistical and other research on the basis of anonymized data.

     3. Terms of Users’ personal information processing and its disclosure to third parties

3.1. VSh stores Users’ personal information in accordance with the internal rules of the services and requirements of the existing legislation.

3.2. User’s personal information is kept confidential unless a User voluntarily makes his personal data publicly available. Using certain Services, a User gives his consent for making some part of his personal information publicly available.

 3.3. Upon a User’s prior consent, VSh has the right to transfer User’s personal information to third parties with a view to provide a User with a possibility to use a certain Service or to execute a certain agreement or contract with a User.

3.4.  In case a User breaches the User agreement of the VSh services and in case of a threat to his rights and legitimate interests, VSh has the right to transfer User’s personal information to law enforcement bodies.

3.5. As a result of User’s personal information processing through its sanitization, anonymized statistical data can be received. These data can be transferred to third parties for carrying out research, performing work and rendering services upon instructions of VSh.

3.6. Users’ personal information processing is carried out in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

         4. Editing and deleting of personal information. Obligatory data storage

4.1. At any time, a User can alter (update, supplement) the provided personal information or its part using an editing function.

4.2. A User can delete the personal information provided by him in a certain account.

4.3. The rights provided for in subparagraphs 4.1 and 4.2 of this Policy can be restricted in accordance with the law.

            5. Measures taken to protect Users’ personal information

5.1. VSh shall take all necessary and sufficient administrative and technical measures to protect Users’ personal information against being illegally or occasionally accessed, deleted, altered, blocked, copied, and disseminated as well as against other wrongdoings by third parties.

         6. Changes of Privacy Policy. Applicable laws

6.1. VSh reserves the right to alter this Privacy Policy. When the changes have been introduced, the date of the last amendments shall be reflected in the relevant version. A new version of the Policy shall come into effect upon its publishing unless otherwise provided by the terms of the updated version.

6.2. This Policy as well as relations between a User and VSh arising in connection with the application of the Privacy Policy shall be regulated by the law of the Republic of Belarus.